Friday, August 25, 2006

Poem on a pic - Breaking Out...

A poem on a pic I clicked....
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Book Review: All Creatures Great and Small

Have you ever felt, that childish delight at discovering a book you immediately like, as you browse at the bookshop? That was the feeling I had when I found James Herriot's book 'All Creatures Great and Small'. You haven’t read it?Well then … I'll tell you a little bit about it. James Herriot - a young Vet just out of college, starts his practice in the farmlands of Yorkshire as an assistant Vet.

Siegfried Farnon - his boss is quite quirky – cheerful, kindly and likeable, an able vet and definitely the most eligible bachelor around the place as is evident by the number of young women who come in for tea and sit and stare at him in awe. But he is also a very absent minded person who contradicts himself every other day - this doesn't make his young assistant's life any easier.

Add the younger brother of the boss to the household and you have an unbeatable trio. Tristan Farnon - still at Veterinary College, he decidedly believes in taking each day as it comes and is always in trouble with his elder brother for some scrape or the other!

And of course when the patients are cows and sheep and dogs and cats and bulls and horses and pigs---- there are bound to be unpredictable accidents of every kind as the three men try their best to treat their patients without getting hurt in the process.

Herriot describes the trials and triumphs of the young vets in the late 1930's in the most engaging manner. Whether struggling to position a calf for birthing, trudging down to a remote farm in the middle of a snowy night, comforting a lonely old man whose pet had been beyond help, wondering at the devotion of a man towards his animals, playing uncle to a Pekinese that had taken a fancy to him, trying to follow the contradictory orders of his absent minded boss or facing the owners of the animals he tends to - all the vignettes are truly heartwarming and at times hilarious.

If you love animals the way I do, you'll love this book - Trust me. It is one of those books which bring on that 'warm and fuzzy' feel as you read. Enjoy !! Read More......

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


It's a name,
It's a garden's pride,
Its nature's darling child,
It's a newborn's cradle,
It's a child's only present,
It's a girl's simple bribe,
It's a jewel for a braid,
It's a part of every celebration,
It's a love held in hands,
It's a gift for no occasion,
It's love's perfect expression,
It's a bouquet of a bride,
It's an offer in worship,
It's a gift to soften wrath,
It's a loved ones heart,
It’s that hug goodbye,
It's a joy at a success,
It's the gratitude for help,
It’s the applause at the show,
It's a dead man's final path,
It's a grieving for the departed,
It's a prayer and a pause,
It's a kiss from far beyond,
It's perfect in its beauty,
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