Saturday, September 30, 2006

Poem - Less than perfect

Less than perfect

I unlock and open the rusty gate, prepared to sit for hours staring,
At the sound of the creaking gate, the three puppies come running.

They’re perfect in every way- Two of them white and one brown.
Seeing them always brings on a smile and smoothens out my frown.

One would find some piece of garbage and over it all would fight,
Tugging at it in three directions till it gave way under their might.

They’d sneak in to the garden, under the gate at least thrice a week,
And run off with a shoe in mouth to make me play hide ‘n seek.

It was a delight to watch them as they rolled around in play,
And see how they curled up together at the end of every day.

They’re a naughty lot, yet the pet of every person on the street,
For one who has not the heart to pet them, they are yet to meet.

I kneel down now and hold out my hands just so that they see,
I have nothing to offer them, though so hungry they may be.

All three come up, their tails wagging and sniff at my fingers,
They lick my palm just the same, that sweet feel still lingers.

The pups’ mother sees her brood crowding around my gate,
She gets up and makes her way quick, fearing she may be late.

She limps over and nuzzles my hand just to make me pat her,
And closes her eyes contented, as my hands run on her white fur.

I glance at her left fore leg, the one she can no longer use,
Faintly grotesque, twisted and broken it hung in mid-air, so loose.

Suddenly I remembered the first time, I saw her in our lane,
She was alone then, a thin dirty white dog with one leg lame.

I had not noticed those gentle eyes and how she never was in a brawl,
Never saw how quiet she was, all she wanted was the shade of a wall.

She had left with no objection when I had shooed her out of my way,
She was less than perfect - I now realized that’s why I turned her away.

A few months later, I had seen her again – this time with her children,
For those beautiful little ones sake, I had fed the mother from then.

I had just named my feeling ‘pity’ and was convinced I was doing my duty,
Now in tears, I see things in true light - I had fallen then for skin deep beauty.

Physical Perfection is what is seen just in a moment’s glance,
It’s a fairy gift, which falls on one mainly by luck or chance.
But True Beauty is no gift and is not seen if you are on the fly
For in true words said and good deeds done does this feeling always lie. Read More......

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nonsense Verse - The Blues

The Blues…

Woke up by my clock’s mean old ruse,
I woke with a case of Monday Blues.

Sat down and read yesterday’s news,
But my head’s still full of the Monday blues.

Eaten up my bread, drunk down my juice,
But not yet gotten out of my Monday Blues.

Driving on the highway, in my car I cruise,
But still feel pangs of the Monday Blues.

From the top of my head, to the bottom of my shoes,
I have nothing but the Monday blues!!!

Can’t seem to work despite pointed clues,
Can the doctor here treat my Monday blues?

The day’s finally over -- I feel many a bruise,
Who is to blame but my Monday Blues!

I guess there maybe other views,
But I had a case of Monday Blues. Read More......

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Poem - The Shadows

The Shadows

I used to live in a city on the plain,
Lonely amidst the huge crowds and
Buildings that stood taller than me.

I was tired out, running every step,
away from the shadows they threw,
on me every day and every night.

I climbed the highest mountain,
and stood at the very summit.
Nothing there stood taller than me.

I stood there with my eyes closed,
feeling the warmth of the sunlight,
and out of the blue, it turned cooler!

Opening my eyes, I saw the reason.
The mount was engulfed by darkness,
thrown by the shadow of a passing cloud.

A moment of panic – I clutched at fear,
Then the infinite calm as I let go of it.
And I realized this in that single instant -

“The cloud had been blown in by a gust of wind,
And another draft would blow it away again.

A mountain I had climbed to hide from the shade,
But the shadows ceased not even up there.”

The wind did blow and the cloud did pass,
The sun did shine down on me once again.
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