Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Poem - The Rivals

They call you my adversary; my rival they say you are,
With the crowd I did once agree and thought of the race as war.

Today’s race was somehow different - the last race for both,
Only now did I realize the truth about the man I used to loathe.

The races we have run together, the miles that we have covered,
To run this fast and to reach this far, each other we have powered.

You are the only one, who truly ran the same track as did I,
You are the one – the most like me, I now not wonder why.

Today, at times, I followed you and at times, I was the leader,
But the leading man did now and then, glance back to see the other.

That odd glance - half of triumph - at having surpassed another,
Half of pleading, - yearning to see something better in the other.

Tapping every store- known and not; we ran the ultimate race today,
For though the last, it still was a race and we treated it that way.

Till this day, we ran each race, feeling a foe in the nearby lane,
Today as ever, we raced to win; yet, as rivals we did feign.

The race was over, still, not stopping, we ran on around the ground,
Amidst the thunder of crowd’s applause, that made our hearts pound.

At every step we kept in sync, since by nature we are the same,
Not hand in hand yet keeping pace, we ran for love of the game. Read More......