Monday, December 11, 2006

Poem - The way I feel…

The way I feel…
If my world comes to an end, I won’t cry.
If I ever soar to the heights, I won’t smile.

While I wait for life to happen to me,
My mind restlessly races ahead of time.

I imagine the best way it could be for me,
Burst into laughter at the joy that I might see.

Experiencing the worst that could happen too,
I then cry for the pain I may have to bear.

So, when whatever happens finally happens,
I’m never disappointed. I’m never delighted.

My life does not halt and neither do I.
But the world waits for me to laugh or cry.

And when I seemingly go on sans smiles or tears,
People turn away feeling rather offended,

Puzzled at my lack of ‘feeling’ for the things,
That life chooses to throw at me at random.

And yet I know,

I’ve ‘felt’ far more than the rest.
For all the things that do happen and
For all the things that finally don’t.
I’ve felt them all, with all my heart.
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