Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Peom - Pain


When all the pretence is wiped away,
Leaving the truth behind, clean and ugly,
When the mirage dissolves so up-close,
And the desert is all there is to see,
What do you think will happen to man?

When reality strikes its deadly blow,
Would the one who feels it be made of stone?
And shatter into pieces under the onslaught,
Then despite every attempt to cement his self,
Remains broken, weakened, never the same again.

Or when the dams that restrain finally break,
Would the one facing the assault be of steel?
Twisting out of shape under the battering,
But then be willing to go through the fiery furnace,
And rise out again molded into another shape?

The world out there is a wonderful place,
After the heavy rains, out comes the sun,
The lingering droplets, paints there a rainbow,
Life goes on despite it all and so does man,
Shattered or reshaped depending on what he is made of. Read More......