Thursday, February 28, 2008


I know that last post said 'To be continued', but I really have nothing more to continue on that right now. so, maybe later...

Funny really, I have been blogging here as if I'm talking to a person - someone who has no choice but to listen. Maybe no one is reading this after all...I really should stop thinking so much!

I have been eating too much these past few days...and not going to the gym much too. Have you noticed how socializing always revolves around food? Treats, birthday parties, meet for lunch, for dinner, for b'fast, for a snack, for a coffee.... We all invariably gravitate towards the familiar comfort of food as we catch up with people and chat.

Sometimes, I cook - usually when I am idle and find that I am just 'thinking' too much about stuff. At those times, I get into the mode of cutting and chopping and measuring and mixing and frying and tasting. It makes me feel good when I make something and it doesn't turn out to be disaster. But it has to be pretty aimless. I don't like cooking when I am hungry. Those times, I just want something to be available magically! :)

Sometimes I cook to try out new techniques. The food court at work has partially open kitchen and you can see the cook as he works. I was particularly impressed by the nice round omelettes that he made and tried out his technique and am now hooked to that 'technique'. Sometimes, I cook to make something exotic. Not the regular dal, rasam and poriyal. Maybe to bake a cake ( disaster, BTW), make a sweet, try making things which I enjoyed eating someplace and so on.

But when it comes to actually eating, nothing really beats dal and rasam and rice, and poriyal. Read More......

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Something has been troubling me for awhile now - The extent to which a person's happiness depends on others. A badly placed dependency can wreck us. Yet, we start out on things eagerly, joyfully, thinking nothing bad can possibly happen. That is the way man is. As Ayn Rand says

'The best of mankind’s youth start life with an undefined sense of enormous expectation, the sense that one’s life is important, that great achievements are within one’s capacity, and that great things lie ahead.

It is not in the nature of man—nor of any living entity—to start out by giving up, by spitting in one’s own face and damning existence; that requires a process of corruption whose rapidity differs from man to man.'

This is the only way we know to live our life. To hope that all our dreams are going to come true. That sense of invincibility - brave, almost touchingly child like and trusting in the unknown. And we somehow don't understand/believe it when rotten things happen. Yes. It is not your fault. Yes. It can still happen. Maybe we are prepared for bad stuff in some aspects of our life, but not in others? I really don't know.

I know I have no control over others in my life. I cannot make them behave in a manner that pleases me and makes me happy. Extending that, I have no control over the creation of happiness in my self. But extending that a bit more, others' happiness also depends on my actions. So, I can still make joy. Just not in my own heart. Some people are too perfect. Creating joy in the world is their source of joy. They are probably more happy than most of us despite pain. But, that is again probably the most difficult thing to achieve as a person. Anything worth achieving is difficult to achieve.

To be continued... Read More......