Friday, December 12, 2008


I wish I hadn’t been born a girl. Girls are crazy, you know? Selfish, self-centered, calculating, catty and generally impossibly complex beings. Oh, we have some good qualities as well – we love like crazy, always have more to give, can weather many a storm that would leave a guy battered and so on. But still….

From the cartoon strip ‘Hagar the horrible’

Hagar the horrible comes upon a beautiful damsel tethered to a post.
He asks “Excuse me, but aren’t you a damsel in distress?”
“Yes”, she answers.
“Would you like to be rescued?” he asks.
‘Yes,” she replies, “but only by a handsome and young knight in shining armor from a really good family”
Hagar walks away perplexed - “Damsels in distress are getting more picky every day”

I’m reading ’10 stupid things men do to mess up their lives’ by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Read More......