Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I found a few words,
Put together in a certain way.

They puzzle me a lot,
As they dance in my mind drunkenly.

Making one meaning now,
Then another as they change partners.

He can stop the music,
And explain it all; but, I hesitate.

Everything is a haze now,
And I'm starting to doubt my sobriety.

I'll just wait for the party to end,
Maybe it'll make more sense to me, then. Read More......

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I enjoy, need and thrive on conversations. You know - the real and true ones - where there is no pretense. Just two people willingly siting down and talking. Those magic moments when you forge a connection with another and neither is willing to break it. The kind where you are almost afraid to stop, because you aren't sure if there would be a repeat.

Life throws a lot of questions at you and sometimes, you are unlucky enough to not find the answers to it. But you do try. To help you along, life throws people at you. You have to somehow connect to another human being and you do try. It doesn't always work out. Everybody is interesting in their own right, just not to everyone else. You keep looking for kindred spirits all the time.

I keep realizing how much of myself I discover during my conversations with people. It is as if every answer was there inside all the time, waiting for the right question to be asked to unlock it. Do you know what I mean? I realize my stand, frame my arguments, understand another perspective, process so many bit of info in my head and concrete my views. Conversations force me to think and realize. How much each person contributes isn't always balanced, but both people can't think of anything else they'd rather do at that moment. That is what counts.

There are moments when you can sit in a crowd and still feel lonely. Or you walk out of a fun situation, full of jokes and banter and have loneliness overwhelm you in the darkness as you walk away from the brilliant lights. But, some conversations really warmly cocoon you. They create a high from where it takes a while to get down. You can just keep going back over and over again to the same few words and almost recreate that initial delight.

Conversation are a gift of a person's time to me. I would ask for nothing more. Read More......

Friday, June 19, 2009

For old times' sake

You are always here,
Hiding in the crowd.
And I try to find ways,
To reach out to you.
Infusing special meanings,
In the words of my songs.
Hoping you understand;
And wanting you to know.
It isn’t easy to face a void.
Yet, you hide behind silence,
Though you still see and hear,
But, blinded by the lights,
I have no choice, but sing.
Would you return the favor,
Just for old times' sake? Read More......

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poem: Overall


Above all and beneath it all,
Just so afraid of one or the other.

Bad decisions? Anyone better?
Worth unknown in these new places.

Felt the pulse of each interaction,
Built impressions, possible reactions.

Voices heard by extrapolation,
In the silence that greets an entrance.

Found sights to dislike and unrelate to,
Remaining alone by choices made.

Made up a meaning for all this too,
Twisting what is to sate an ache. Read More......

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The unsaid.

1. Have you ever smiled?
2. How can you be so damn sweeet?
3. How much more can you take?
4. Wow…you are rude today, buddy! What’s up?
5. And I thought you were quiet. :)
6. That was some thought!
7. Dude! Stop it, please!
8. What did you just say?
9. Tell me what is important. I am lost.
10. This is fun! We should do this more often!
11. You have done all of that? Wow!
12. Did you honestly not know?
13. Why did you even bother?
14. Do you ever stop laughing? :)
15. You are super-woman!
16. Are you sure?
17. How on earth do you do that!
18. You are nice.
19. Do you sleep at all?
20. That comes at an expense, you know.
21. Whoa! Don’t run!
22. Look around. See? There are others too!
23. You really need to stop doing that.
24. It was just a joke. I’m sorry.
25. Don’t you DARE! Read More......