Monday, July 13, 2009


I whispered those little words,
When you were fast asleep.
You might have heard them,
As a part of a strange dream.
You seem puzzled about it now.
But my hidden and veiled ways,
Will not be found till you believe.
Free of guilt; yet not judged;
Mine is the perfect confession. Read More......

Friday, July 10, 2009

Where do you go?

Where do you go when you run away?
Do you merely run around at random;
Only wishing to get far away from,
What you carry within your heart?

Do you walk deep in to the woods,
And sit down beside the old trees,
Listening to them whisper secrets,
Feeling left out all over again?

Do you wander into the marketplace,
Losing yourself within the crowds?
Yet, knowing you aren't one of them,
Just a fraud in the public space.

Do you walk on calm sandy beaches,
And sit down beside dancing waves?
Watching them play with the shore,
Feeling lost in the lovers' world.

Do you slide into a shallow pool,
Withdrawing into that liquid womb,
Blinded. Deafened. Mute and Numb,
Wishing for strength to stay forever?

Do you stop by a place of worship,
And drop to your knees before him?
Asking questions you want answered,
But, greeted by only passive silence?

I don't know why you wander so far,
To find that place to sink into,
An open heart awaits you here always,
Deep enough for you to hide forever.

Why do you go afar, when you run away? Read More......