Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inspired by nature

Just to prove that my posts aren't all gloomy: A couple of poems inspired by nature. :)

Welcome, Distraction

Dragonflies in the afternoon light,
Gliding over fresh cut lawns;
Willing feet sink into sharp blades,
As I follow one and give up;
When wings shimmering, it darts away;
Escaping my playful fingers.
But another passes enticingly close,
Gleeful, I begin another dash;
Chasing dragonflies in the sun.

The Last Few

The sun is hidden
Behind light grey clouds
And the air is wet
After the rain
The last few drops fall
All the way down
Splashing into the puddle
A circle waves out
The next drop falls nearby
A smaller circle forms
And they clash
The old and the new
And it all looks so beautiful

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

An Absurd Quest

There was a dream I was in,
Where I lost something of value.

I searched, but my dream ended,
Before I recovered my treasure.

Since then, every dream I’ve had,
Memory drives an irrational search.

The scene shifts, twists out of shape,
And it always ends as an endless quest.

All I know is, I lost it in a dream,
And now, my only hope lies in another. Read More......