Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I love you, Maggi

Dear Maggi 2-minute noodles,

I love you. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I come home at odd times, tired of running around and sick of work. The nights are cold these days and I am glad to be indoors where it is warmer. As I drop the keys back in my bag, I see that there is no one around. Empty houses don’t feel like home, you know, and right now, I desperately want to feel at home. I am hungry too and simply want something steaming hot.

I drop my bag and stare dolefully around wondering if I'd have to go back outside for a cup of hot chocolate. Thankfully, I decide to raid the fridge and cupboards first. And there you are…the sight of your yellow wrapper brings a relieved sigh. A cup of water with that heavenly masala goes into the pan and boils away merrily while I break the noodles up. I drop the noodles in the water and wait for the magic.

As I wait, I think back on the countless nights before this when I have stood waiting for you. You are a part of many memories with friends, studies, late nights, books, rain and a growling tummy.  I love this smell - who invented that masala anyway?  That little pouch is what makes you tick, you know.  That, and the fact that no one can go wrong with you.

A few minutes and stirs later, you are ready. I tip you carefully on to a plate and leave the pan to soak in the sink. It is a break for a few minutes as I sit down with a story book that I enjoyed years ago. You are too hot to eat yet. I set you down and try to find an interesting chapter to read.

Right there – Perfection. A book in hand, a warm house smelling of cooking and you nearby.


With love,

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