Friday, April 09, 2010

Your Story

I want to write your story. A book, in fact, much like you. A quiet color for the cover, a few simple words as the title and a few brush strokes bringing out your profile. A book that wouldn’t be noticed too easily – just like you. Yet, someone will pick it up too and skim through the first page. He must feel indifference at first. He must see you as just another person on the crowded street that he just stepped out of. He must not even realize that you are going to be the main character in future pages. I have to be careful how I pen those initial pages.

At first, my words will only describe you. Just what he would see had he glanced at you for a moment or two more than at others. Time enough for a quick hello. Then, I’ll show him around your world for a while and let him get used to where you belong and to others around you. You are not a story to be read in a hurry, you see. You have so much going on in your head – strange thoughts and those eyes that betray nothing of the depths you've reached. I will tell him all about you, but slowly. I'll single you out in the crowd and lead him along the paths you take. He will see what you do on any ordinary or extraordinary day and develop his own reasoning, trying to understand your actions. After he has seen enough of what you do, I'll draw him into your mind, to make him understand your thoughts rather than your actions. To make him see how you reason and feel and think.

It may be a lot for him to take - but, I hope to do justice to my subject. My words will be the gentle wave that sweeps him away, tangles him in your story, pulls him along in curiosity and forges an intimate connection with you. I want people to keep discovering you that way, through my words. At the last page, I want him to stop with a heavy sigh, sad there isn't any more.

Others may write of strange lands, fantastic wars, of spies and thieves and the past and future.  I am meant to only write your story - as you lived it.  The way I will write it, there will not be too many eyes on you at any point of time. The ones who get to your thoughts will be people who deserve to know you - who had to make the effort to cross the many barriers I will weave out of my words, in order to reach you. But, those who read of you will hold you in their hearts and wish they had known you. 

I want to write that way - your story, as life scripted it.
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