Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Best of Animation Movies

I love animated movies and I think in the recent past, we’ve had quite a few lovely ones. Pixar, Dreamworks animation and Fox animation share the credits for the ones I liked. There have been toys, monsters, animals of every kind, superheroes, villains and the occasional ordinary folk too. I suppose one reason why I love these movies is that these characters are built from imagination – various actors give them voice of course, but the face is completely new and the best characters have very realistic personalities and a story behind them.

My favorites?

How to train your dragon – Hiccup was a lovely character and the slight sarcastic tone in his narration just gave it a perfect touch. Toothless was almost like a pet puppy – only, he was a dragon :-D
Monsters Inc – I loved the monsters at work and Boo was adorable! I could almost see Billy Crystal playing Mike instead of just lending voice!
Ratatouille – A traditional story of dreams and hardwork. But, I could love this movie just for that dialogue on the critic and the creator.
Toy story – Can anyone resist this one? I just found myself replacing characters with my own toys. The only movie where I enjoyed all the sequels.
Finding Nemo – There was a story at both ends – in the ocean and in the tank. Besides, clownfish are so cute :-P

The ones that almost made it?

Up – I loved the initial part of the movie, but the second half wasn’t as good.
Ice Age – The setting is great, but I think the multiple sequels are an overkill.
Megamind – A super-villian story, but apart from Megamind, the other characters were not as well developed.
The Incredibles – A good superhero story, but not much difference from the many flesh and blood versions.
Wall-E – I think they had a great character, but not that memorable a story.
Shrek – Yet another where the first movie was good, but the sequels totally killed my liking.

Settings have ranged from ice age to space age. The stories have got more imaginative – A monster city powered by children’s screams? A robot that falls in love with another? A rat that cooks up a storm? Sometimes, there are deep messages tucked into this seemingly childish medium – a villain who realizes he has no meaning without a hero to fight? A panda who understands how some things can become special because people believe them to be so?

I do hope the industry will stop banking on sequels so much and concentrate on original creations. But, I already see plans are on for 'How to train your dragon 2', 'Monsters University' and 'Despicable Me 2'. Sigh!

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