Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Escape

I feel like I’ve come back to a room I locked long ago. The lock creaks as I try to turn the key. The door groans with disuse. The room is in darkness and I’ve forgotten even where the light switch is. I can make out the outlines of windows all around but they are locked and I can’t open them – others hold those keys. I stumble around the room, banging into this and that, till I turn on the light. It is a dull sort of glow that comes on – surely it wasn’t so before? But, time has passed and much has changed. I walk around the place – looking, touching. The absence of light from the windows is striking – the views used to be wonderful and varied. I lock myself in and stay for hours. I thought perhaps I could find some way to go back in time. I find nothing but I have the pleasure of wallowing in the certainty of the past. I lock up – knowing I will be back, the next time I seek to escape the present again. Read More......